Master of My Fate

Long nights, unnoticed efforts, strained relationships, doubting spectators. It seems to all come with the territory of getting a brand off the ground. Plenty of folks have scoffed after I tell them about THIS. Worldwide. (Well, not to my face, but I know what they’re thinking.) Sure, the market is oversaturated, the road bumpy, the initial payoff slim, but there is no better feeling than to build something from the depths of your mind and to have people respond to your ideas. At the end of the day, we are the masters of our fate, captains of our soul. So, thank you to all the old friends for sticking around and the new friends for rocking with us. You’re as much a part of THIS. as I am. And for the others… hope you have a nice boss.

06. September 2013 by thisworldwide

Summer Sale


28. June 2013 by thisworldwide

THIS. Sound

Summer’s here, brothers. Go get it.

11. June 2013 by thisworldwide

New Release: UFC Tees

You spoke, we listened. After the UFC Coach Jackets sold out, there were a lot of requests for a restock. Well, summer is here, so THIS. presents you with the UFC Tee. Available now in the Shop.

10. June 2013 by thisworldwide


Introducing THISWORLDWIDE.COM 2.0… For the most part, the site has the same look, same design, but the back engine has been largely optimized. So it may seem that this revamp is more for us than you, but in all actuality, our hope with the update is that the website is enhanced for you. When evaluating the viewer experience with the site, the talks always came back one thing: simplicity. No gimmicks, just straight forward presentation of what THIS. Worldwide has to offer. Expect more updating of the blog. Stay posted.

“It is not the daily increase but the daily decrease. Hack away at the unessential.” – Master Lee

And for the sake of sharing some wisdom,

21. May 2013 by thisworldwide


there’s this little door hanging on the roots of a particular tree in golden gate park. it’s got a little of an embattled history that dampens its whimsy, but nevertheless, the world needs a little bit more of this magic. protect our little friends, the ones that live in trees, the ones that push our imagination to greater depths. please believe.


29. April 2013 by thisworldwide

“Strike Snapbacks” Now Available

New to the Store is the Strike Snapback. Classic five-panel style and fit. Available in black and navy.

19. April 2013 by thisworldwide

Da Inner Sale, Y’all


19. March 2013 by thisworldwide

Jun Tee Release

   ”all blacks” inspired “jun” tee will be available through the Store today at 5PM EST. a tribute to the late great nujabes, the tee takes on the stylings of the storied all blacks new zealand rugby team, often remembered for its intimidating prematch haka. the replacement of the silver fern with a feather was an obvious catalyst of inspiration, but the real cementing of the concept comes through in the listening of any of nujabes productions. the reason that i have found nujabes’ music to be so engaging is his progression of sounds through each of his tracks and extending to the length of his albums. each transition adds another punch to the listener, taking you to yet another auditory plateau. soft in nature, through the jazz infusion, nujabes’ music still smacks you right in the ear.
   taken from physical existence 3 years ago to the date, nujabes worldly contributions still live on. give samurai champloo a watch and modal soul a listen. rest in power, seba jun!

26. February 2013 by thisworldwide

Snow Beach.

a fine day for a stroll i say.
i was around the lakefront this morning so i got the chance to snap some photos of last night’s fresh fall of nature’s dandruff. it’s been a mild winter season this year around. this is probably the largest snowfall we’ve had, 3-4 inches. no biggie for the veterans.
nothing quite adds a sprinkle of magic to the scene like a new blanket of untouched snow. enjoy it for its positive aspects while you can. stay warm my brothers.


23. February 2013 by thisworldwide

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